When Should You Call the Professionals?

When Should You Call the Professionals?

When it comes to emergency restoration in your home, it can sometimes be hard to determine when you should call the professionals, or if you can D-I-Y. We can happily give you some real-life scenarios to help you determine if you should call a professional restoration company, or if you can mitigate a situation yourself.


When it comes to water damage in your home, we would like to give you a visual example. You don’t need a professional if you’ve broken a glass of water, but you probably do if you have had a sudden broken pipe or a continuous leak. If you can see that there is water throughout your carpet, flooring, or drywall, there’s a good chance that there is also water or moisture in places that you can’t see. The problem with that is if all the water isn’t dried properly, it can lead to more problems and more headaches down the road. If moisture is left to sit, mold can begin to grow within 24 hours to a few days, which can cause health hazards. In addition, your insurance may deem a water damage to be uncoverable if it isn’t addressed right away. When in doubt, its best to call a professional, even if it’s just for an opinion. Click here to learn more about our water restoration services.


Something that many people may not think about if they don’t work in emergency restoration is that the smoke from a small fire can cause even more damage than the actual flames. To give you an example, you probably don’t need a restoration company if you have smoke in your home because you’ve burnt dinner. However, once you’ve had burning materials in your home, the smoke resulting can cause harmful odors that stick to all the other surfaces and items in the room or structure. So, if you have had any items catch on fire in your home, including the structure itself, you’re probably going to need a professional restoration team. We have the cleaning products and processes to be able to mitigate the harmful fumes in your home or business. Click here to learn more about our fire cleaning services.


When you are in a damp environment, you may sometimes think you smell mold, but can’t actually see any. If that is the case, a good first step is mold testing before restorative mitigation. A mold testing company should be able to help you determine if you need professional mold mitigation services. The thing to remember with mold is that it needs elevated moisture to grow in the first place. Therefore, the next thing you’ll want to determine is if there is an ongoing water issue, or if the mold is a result of a water issue that has already been taken care of. Either way, that can be a hard determination to make if you are not a professional. When it comes to mold, it’s usually best to call someone who has the tools, detergents, and chemicals to properly mitigate. The health hazards that can linger if not taken care of properly are not worth the risk. Click here to learn more about our mold mitigation services.


Sewage is one hazard you almost never want to mess with! We can’t think of many situations where sewage is something you should ever handle on your own. Because the health risks are so high, we always utilize PPE, apply specialized chemicals, and are specially trained to assess and mitigate sewage situations. In this case, we would recommend that you always call a professional to clean and sanitize after a sewage disaster. Click here to learn more about our sewage clean up services.

Even if you aren’t sure when you should call the professionals, we’re here for you! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the safety of your home after a water, fire, mold or sewage disaster in your home, give us a call. If you need us, we’ll be there because “We Absolutely Care!”



Mold resulting from water damage

mold after water damage

Floor damage resulting from water damage

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Demo after a water damage

demo after water damage

Removing odors after a fire

removing odors after a fire

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