The Restoration Process

Getting Your Home or Business Back to Normal as Quickly as Possible: The Restoration Process

We work directly with your insurance company, so you don’t have to!

Please take your time to review this document with your Absolute Restoration LLC. representative to have a clear understanding of what is entailed in the restoration process. Upon completion of reviewing this outline, we request your name, date, and initials, ensuring the representative has explained and answered any questions you have at this time regarding Absolute Restoration LLC., and the restoration process. An electronic copy of this outline is available upon request.

A Message to You:

The loss and damage suffered to your home/business can be a very stressful and confusing time. Our goal is to live up to our motto “We Absolutely Care” through our interactions and work while servicing your home/business. We understand what you are going through and pledge our highest level of service possible to you. We will do our best to help you reach the finish line of restored normalcy in your home/business as quickly as possible, with the least amount of interruption to your daily life. Though, at times, the operating restoration equipment and work processes can make your home/business uncomfortable from noise, rising temperatures, and restricted or limited living quarters, we ask for your patience and understanding. Following the recommended drying processes requires specialized equipment to prevent secondary issues from arising such as mold or unsanitary conditions as a result of inadequate work processes. Take confidence in knowing that Absolute Restoration LLC. is an IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified firm and we promise to complete our work with integrity and professionalism. Our technicians have been properly trained to deal with any situation and have both the experience and know how to get the work done safely for you

What happens after you’ve had a water disaster?

  • We receive your emergency call and respond as quickly as possible.
  • An Authorization Form to begin the mitigation process must be signed by you (the home/business owner)
  • Upon emergency service authorization, a deductible determined by your home owner policy is payable at this time.
  • Upon completion of the mitigation emergency services, a Mitigation Estimate will be sent to both you and the Insurance Company.

Mitigation Payment Procedures

  • A check for mitigation will be mailed to either Absolute Restoration LLC. or you, the insured. The check proceeds will be made payable to one of the following and below are the steps below to make a prompt payment.
    • Payable to you the home/business owner
      • Deposit the check in your account and write a new check made payable to Absolute Restoration LLC.
    • Payable to Absolute Restoration LLC. and you the home/business owner.
      • Endorse your name on the check and remit the check to Absolute Restoration LLC.
  • When you receive the proceeds check, please call the office to schedule a time we can take receipt of payment.NOTE: If structural repairs are needed, the repairs will not begin until the full mitigation payment is received

Structural Repair Services – Reconstruction Scope

  • A Structural Repair Estimate may be generated by Absolute Restoration LLC. and sent to your Insurance carrier for approval. Sometimes the estimate will be generated by a field adjuster and you will receive a copy. Please forward a digital copy of all estimates and communications regarding the structural repair scope to Absolute Restoration LLC.
  • Once the Absolute Restoration LLC. generated Structural Repair Estimates has been approved, you will receive an email from Absolute Restoration LLC. with the Insurance Approved Structural Repair Estimate and an appointment will be requested with you and an Absolute Restoration LLC. representative. In this meeting we will discuss the details of the scope of work for your home/business. Funding for the structural repair should be in place prior to mobilization and the start of work. 1/3 payment of the Insurance Approved Structural Repair Estimate will be requested before structural repair can begin.
  • Upon completion of approximately 2/3 of the structural repair scope, a second payment will be due.NOTE: On the day of completion, the full balance is to be paid. If the depreciation has not been released by the Insurance Carrier, please notify Absolute Restoration LLC. to make arrangements for the remaining balance.

    NOTE: If you have a mortgage or home equity loan on your home/business, a Third-Party Authorization Form will be filled out during the production meeting with an Absolute Restoration LLC. representative to expedite payments.

  • We will provide a “Certificate of Completion” to be signed by you the home/business owner and Absolute Restoration LLC., we will forward it to the Insurance Company to finalize the paperwork and allow the carrier to release any relevant recoverable depreciated retainage if it has not already been released.

Understanding the Insurance Paperwork

  • Due to the nature of these processes, working with an Insurance Company and an Emergency Restorative Company is not a daily activity for many home/business owners. Here are a few items to be aware of when working through this process.
  • If some unknown factors are found during the work and not accounted for in our reconstruction scope, we have an opportunity to notify your carrier of the changes needed on your behalf and submit for approval. This modification or change is called a Supplemental Estimate. It will usually be added to your invoice near the end of the job when all the actual costs are known.
  • You may notice the amount of the checks you receive do not add up to the total of the costs of the mitigation, repair or the supplemental estimate. That is normal. It is usually related to the deducible amount due and or the depreciation amount deducted.
  • The depreciation may be recoverable, or non-recoverable. It is related to a value that has been pre-determined as the typical usefulness of a product or material within your home or business.
    • Non-recoverable value is the balance of the usefulness of the product or material which is not covered by your insurance reimbursement. You (the homeowner/business owner)will need to come up with difference of the current actual cash value (ACV) and the amount of what is determined in the claim.
    • Recoverable depreciation is a portion of the claim proceeds reserved until the job is complete, and a Certificate of Completion has been signed by you and submitted on your behalf by Absolute Restoration LLC. The Insurance Carrier will likely mail the small remaining balance to you. If at this time we have not already collected the depreciation amount, we ask you deposit it and notify us, to make arrangements, so we can mark your invoice paid in full.
  • During extreme weather events a “Catastrophe Adjuster” may review the damages at your home/business also referred to as “claim” or “loss“, a check may or may not be written that day. Don’t worry if not, they will mail it to you.
  • Please watch for any mail from your carrier, and deposit checks immediately. You may notice two names on your check; yours and Absolute Restoration LLC. If it has both names on it, simply sign your name on the back and give the check to your Absolute Restoration LLC. representative when they are at your home next. We appreciate notice of any payment received.

What some of our customers say…

Today we get our home back, completely cleaned! Sending out a big Thank you to Absolute Restoration of Western Pa and Greg Cummins, the job foreman and his crew! Friendly and caring of your personal items! They go way above their job to make sure everything is clean and well taken care of! Would recommend them if you need any work done, for water damage, mold or any other issues!

Judy Solo
Judy Solo

Absolute Restoration has been a godsend to my husband and I. On October 24, 2016, a municipal sewer backed up into our home. Prior to calling Absolute Restoration, we had another company recommended to us to do the decontamination and restoration. They were inept, unprofessional, unsanitary, and left my husband and I in utter despair. My husband felt this cannot be the proper way to clean and decontaminate my home. He did not sleep that night and decided to fire this company the very next morning. Then, ABSOLUTE RESTORATION came onboard. Their genuine concern for our health and safety was apparent . They outlined their goals and educated us on the next steps. We knew they had our best interest at heart. They were professional, efficient, ethical, and we highly recommend them for any service you may need.

Teri Ann Kepchia
Teri Ann KepchiaGreensburg, Pennsylvania

I had the pleasure of meeting Dan and Greg today when they came out to look at my house. These men were very professional and they know their business!! They also want to take the most cost efficient way first, which shown me, it's not all about making money for them, it's about helping their customers first. I couldn't be happier! If you have any damage to your property, especially water intruding. Call absolute restoration, you'll be happy you did!

Laurie McGinnis
Laurie McGinnis

We had a mold issue and Patrick came out and took care of the issue. He did a great job repairing and rebuilding even through a lot of obstacles reared their ugly heads. The project took a little longer than we expected but Patrick worked on his days off to get the job done. We really appreciate it and I would recommend Absolute Restoration to anyone needing their services. Thanks guys!

Chris Button
Chris ButtonJeannette, Pennsylvania

I am so impressed with your company. Maria, and Greg have done a tremendous job in our home. Washed all our walls, cleaned and sealed all the grout in out ceramic, cleaned our chandeliers and fans. I would HIGHLY recommend them to everyone. Loved them!

Elizabeth Rennekamp
Elizabeth Rennekamp

Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable about mold and moisture issues. Greg was so helpful. What a wonderful company. Definitely would recommend this company to family and friends.

Heather Dawn
Heather DawnDonora, Pennsylvania

There is no one in business more professional, more capable, or more honest. These guys are the best. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Virginia Greubel
Virginia GreubelLigonier, Pennsylvania

Professional prompt restoration services is what you can expect from Absolute. They made surviving a water disaster less painful. I highly recommend this crew!

Gail Malloy
Gail MalloyPittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We Abolsutely Care!